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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tips and Tricks on Making S'mores

The S'more. A staple in camping culture. A s'more (as in "some more, please") is not difficult to make, and some might say there is no wrong way to make one. Which is nearly true, with one exception: I really do not think microwaved s'mores are the same.

Here are the basic steps to s'more success...

What you'll need:
  • 1 box of graham crackers
  • 1 bag of large marshmallows 
  • 3-5 bars of hershey milk chocolate bars
  • paper towel (baby wipes work better), for cleaning your hands afterward

Have a campfire going. The only true way to make a s'more is over a campfire.  (Waiting until the fire has burned down and there are lots of glowing embers is best).

Upon a graham cracker, lay enough chocolate (I use about 3 pieces) to cover cracker.

Toast the marshmallow until golden brown. I find it's easiest to go marshmallow by marshmallow instead of roasting multiple marshmallows at a time. This helps to ensure the marshmallow is hot enough to melt the chocolate.

Using another graham cracker, push the marshmallow off of the roasting stick onto the piece of chocolate. Top with the graham cracker and smoosh to ensure complete chocolate meltage.

Let cool (many a tongue have been burned!). Enjoy! Serves ~5.


  1. S'mores are a staple at our house, year-round! And, I agree, microwaved s'mores are not the same.

    Have you ever used fudge-striped cookies instead of graham crackers and chocolate? It's lots of fun too.

  2. NO! I have not used fudge-striped cookies, and I have no idea why as that is a great idea!


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