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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mac Mishap...

This could happen to anyone, right?

I had a moment where I considered blaming this on my daughter...

I use a Mac. I love my Mac. However, as other Mac owners know, you can't see the slots for your camera cards or CD's that are on the side of your monitor. The slots are also very close together.  I went to stick my camera card into it's allotted slot, and instead sent it flying into the CD slot. Turns out that picking your monitor up and shaking it won't work in this situation. I also couldn't figure out the magical way the monitor is held together.

Talk about feeling like a dummy. So into the doctor the computer went. Thankfully, the fine people at Apple did not laugh at me and it was a quick fix. My husband letting me live it down however, won't be as quick a fix.

Stay tuned for Pork and (Macintosh) Apple Pitas, inspired by this incident.

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