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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Man's Shoe Store

BBQ Country

Although you wouldn't know it now, but in the not so distant past, we Albertans enjoyed  a bit of Spring. During that brief time, my husband and I went to a store dedicated entirely to BBQ’s and bbqing paraphernalia. This was a big store! It was all very masculine, with everything given names like “Grill Master” and “Broil King”. Like buying a $900 BBQ will turn you into some kind of Spartan of meat (Prepare for Glory!). There was an entire wall just for sauces. Who would have thought that a store for nothing but BBQ stuff could be a success? That guy is probably just raking it in. Wouldn’t it be awesome if it turned out to be owned by a woman?

My husband ended up picking out a BBQ, and is now a proud "Broil King".

Stay tuned for (BBQ'd) Fiesta Chicken Salad...

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