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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Goopy Woes

My 9 month old son is teething. I've been through teething before, and my daughter had a rough go but I really feel for the poor guy. He's not cutting one tooth, he's cutting four or five right now. Two are finally out, and I can see two, possibly three more just under the surface. To top it off, he's got a gruesome cold. You add watery eyes and fun sticky snot to the copious amounts of drool and you've got a fine mess.

I know to expect that as soon as you get a Spring-time pedicure, dig out the flip-flops and roll out the BBQ, Mother Nature will rage on you and leave you in a puddle (or snow bank if you live in the Canadian Prairies like we do) with nothing but a cold to show for your warm weather optimism.

If you're feeling a little under the weather so-to-speak, stay tuned for Chicken & Vegetable Soup. It's warm hugginess is great for the whole family.

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