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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kitchen-inspired Mother's Day Ideas

With Mother's Day right around the corner, I can't help but notice the increase in advertisements for such things as spa packages, appliances,  and jewellery for your mom. I enjoy the spa and something shiny as much as the next person, but I can't help but feel what many of us feel, and that's the commercialization of holidays. Did you notice that the Easter isle in Walmart this year, was bigger than ever?

At the end of the day, what I want most is to know that I was thought of on Mother's Day, and to have my family spend a little time with me. I think Mother's Day, the same as Family Day or Father's Day, should promote connecting with loved ones, and not annoy people by reminding them they have to run out and buy yet another gift.

So here are seven simple ways to make your mom feel thought of this Mother's Day:

  1. Cook your mom's favourite dish and have her over for lunch or dinner (pretty basic, but you can make it special by putting some real thought and planning into what you make)
  2. Compile yours, your mom's and some of your mom's mom's recipes if possible, into a recipe box or recipe binder (which you can easily decorate yourself for an added personal touch)
  3. Buy some fabric paint and decorate an inexpensive plain apron (enlist your kids for help!)
  4. Sign yourself and your mom up for a cooking class
  5. Start a little boxed herb garden that your mom can maintain in her kitchen
  6. Do a surprise clean-up in your mom's kitchen. Include tackling some of those more annoying jobs like shining up the kitchen sink and pots, organizing her cookbooks, tupperware drawer or pantry (unless she has a system going - never mess with a woman's system!); cleaning the fridge, and washing the windows
  7. Make your mom some homemade soup, lasagne or casserole and stock up her freezer to give her a few nights off from the kitchen
Know of other simple ideas?


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  1. These are the best type of gift ideas (and memorable too)!


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