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Monday, May 10, 2010

Rethinking Jello-Molds

This video has been circulating among my friends lately, and not only did it make me laugh, it made me question my assumption that jello-molds are a thing of the past. I thought jello-molds were only used as gags, theme decoration or as a fun retro dish at an 80s party. But maybe I should know how to make one in order to "perfect my tricks"? I haven't seen one at a recent BBQ or baby shower, but maybe I'm missing out.

According to Wikipedia, jello-molds were popularized in the Victorian era - much longer ago than I would have guessed (as an aside, apparently "celery" was once a gelatin flavour. Can't imagine why that one would be discontinued...). As recent as 1998, an entire book was published on the matter (The Joy of Jell-O Molds: 56 Festive recipes from the classic to the contemporary). That's more recent than I would have thought for a book on jello molds.

I happened to stumble upon a rather fun blog all about jello molds (who knew so many things could taste good congealed!). But aside from the small pockets, tell me, do people still make these?


  1. I feel very stronly that there needs to be a resurgence in jello molds! My favourite things at parties are ALWAYS the molded dishes. Specifically jello salads with fruit bits in them. It's always fascinated me that the jello molds never got put out on the dessert tables. It's confusing, but enjoyable. You get dessert WHILE you eat dinner. Brilliant.
    This has inspired me.
    Excuse me while I boil some water for my jello. Who knows, it MIGHT even be celery flavoured...

  2. I truly do love jello in a mold. It seems like an "old person" type of thing and hey, maybe it is. But when I go to my grandparents and they have a dinner party there is ALWAYS a jello mold type of dish. I am soooo the first to the table to grab as much as I can (without comprimising the shape of course). Jenny said it right, dessert while you eat dinner, it does not get any better than that.


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