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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Papaya Facial

"Fruit of Angels" (Christopher Columbus)

    Turns out papayas are magical fruits. Not only are they rich in proteolytic enzymes (enzymes that aid the digestion of protein), many claim they have rejuvenating properties, especially for the control of premature ageing. I personally had never given any thought to papayas until I came across the recipe for an exfoliating facial in Lisa Johnson Mandell's Career Comeback: Repackage Yourself to Get the Job You Want (I recently notified my boss that I will not be returning from maternity leave, prompting an immediate run to the library for literature on careers. Early mid-life crisis you ask? I'll get back to you).

    Papaya Facial 

      I used half of a papaya to make this papaya facial (and the other half to make Black Bean and Papaya Salsa - stay tuned!). 

      1. Peel and remove the seeds from a ripe papaya

    2. Chop the papaya into small pieces and blend in a blender until smooth (you may need to stop the blender after a couple of seconds to scrape the edges down)
    3. Apply the facial to cleansed neck and face, but avoid eye area. Wait 15 - 20 minutes before rinsing with warm water.

    Do I feel like 5 years have been taken off my face? Not really, but my skin does feel fresh and soft and there is plenty left over for tomorrow. 

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