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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Art By My Hand

I scrapbook. Or at least I used to. These days I mostly accumulate scrapbooking supplies which sit on shelves.

Having faced the reality that I just do not have the time to scrapbook in the traditional sense, I have taken up digital scrapbooking. However, I am the belief that digital scrapbooking is cheating, so I aim to (traditionally) scrapbook a few pages for my kids and for my husband each year.

I've decided to do "all about me" albums for each of my kids. I am currently working on my daughter's "at age 3" pages. These will be the first in the album, so I had to fill three 12x12 pages.

In the journal boxes I plan to write what my daughter's likes and dislikes were at age 3 (she is four now, so unless you can remember a lot of details from when your children were younger, I would start with their current age, or up to one year ago if you can remember that far back). I'm going to use either a picture taken of her at her 3rd birthday party, or her preschool picture from that year.

Children bring home a TON of crafts. Way more than I know what to do with. After having a turn being pinned on my "Masterpieces" bulletin board, I have either recycled or stuffed away my kids crafts with intentions to figure it out later.

I have decided to choose a few of my favorite ones that my daughter completed at preschool and at home when she was 3 and include them in her "all about me" album. Since the second page is titled, "Art by my hand", I choose the crafts that used her handprint. I got pretty well all of the supplies seen here at Costco.


  1. Lovely,Thanks for joining us on Creative Mondays :0)

  2. LOL - that is so true about scrapbooking supplies. I have so many! I am still trying to scrapbook the traditional way and I am way behind. Glad to know I am not alone! Following you back :)

  3. I can never seem to find the time to scrapbook! I usually do a once a year photo book that is simple with just photos from LULU.com

  4. Thank you for stopping by. I look forward to reading your posts.

    Lioness- Following Back

  5. Wow!! Great books! I wish I had the time (and patience) to scrapbook. You do such a great job :)

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life

  6. Hi popped over earlier and followed just popped back to say thanks for linking up to welcome to the weekend blog hop :)


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