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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fly Burgers

Okay. We all know the first post can be awkward. After suffering the prerequisite anxiety about subject matter for "the first post", it came to me by accident. My husband and I watched the Discovery Channel's  Superswarms last night. If you want to see a guy get hit in the face by a flying carp, watch this show.

I think about food a lot. All the time actually, and this show illustrates how behaviour can be so incredibly influenced by the lack of, or the abundance of food. I obsess over food so much, I'm writing a blog about it!

One of the features was African Lake flies. These form the largest swarms on Earth, over Lake Victoria in Tanzania. The clouds are so dense, they look like smoke over the lake. Our cooler northern climate may not offer much to some, but I'll take snow over billions of bugs any day.

The locals ingeniously dampen frying pans and wave them around to catch the flies. They then mush them up into what look like mud-pies, and you guessed it - eat them. For these protein scarce diets, it's a boon. Minute Midge patties have seven times the protein of beef ones!

Don't worry. Only conventional cuisine featured here!

Stay tuned for my Ice-Breaker Burgers...

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