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Friday, May 11, 2012

DIY Photo Board

When it comes to Mother's and Father's day, I'm all about the DIY. I don't like the idea of Mother's Day becoming another reason to spend a bunch of money (save that for my birthday and Christmas). I would rather it be about honoring the special women in your life.

There is something special about a gift from your own hands. (Here are some other simple ideas).

This photo board is pretty simple and the result is something beautiful and functional. I learned how to make them from a woman in my small group.

You will need:

  • scissors
  • measuring tape
  • staple gun with staples
  • hammer
  • scotch tape
  • decorative nails or push pins
  • quilt batting (20" x 14")
  • fabric (22" x 16")
  • ribbon (2 pieces 28" long; 4 pieces 20" long - exact measurements will vary depending on thickness of wood - you need the ribbon long enough to cross over the board and be stapled on the back)
  • thin piece of plywood (20" x 14")
  • picture hanger

1. Cut batting to size of wood (in this case, 20" x 14")

2. Iron fabric if creased, and cut 2-3 inches larger than the wood (22" x 16")

3. Lay batting over the wood and then the fabric over the batting. Flip over. Staple the fabric down (I am liberal with the staples, using one every 2 inches or so). Fold the corners down (like you would on a present), and staple down

4. Measure out and cut your ribbon (I like to tape down the measuring tape for measuring). You will need 2 pieces at least 28" long, and 4 pieces at least 20" long

5. Start with the two long pieces of ribbon and make an 'X' across the board and staple down on the back. Don't pull it too tight. 

6. Run the shorter pieces parallel to the X. Use scotch tape to position them. Once you have them where you want them, staple them down on the back

7. Use your thumb to push nails or tacks into the ribbon intersections and then hammer in with the hammer (if your tacks go through to the other side, use the hammer to bend them over so you don't have sharp ends sticking up)

8. Attach picture hanger

Voile! Who wouldn't love this?


  1. Very cute. I've made a few of these :) I'm a new follower from Reflexion's blog hop :)

  2. I have one of these(unfortunately, not one I personally made) above my stove. I use it to keep recipes but it's seen better days. Now I may just have the guts to make another! lol Thanks!

  3. What a great idea, and I'm with you about less fuss, unless some Mom needs a Feeder Frock or curtains or something!...;)


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